January 15, 2020

WoodShop is here...

New in 2020: The WoodShop Collection - a whole new custom line of furniture

Fireside Lodge's newest offering

Though we've always offered custom furniture design and building services to our dealers and customers, we decided to kick it up a notch and make it even easier in 2020!

The new WoodShop Collection was designed with "custom" in mind. With easy order forms and tons of options, this is definitely a product line you will want on your showroom floor.

Four great colors in two textures

Choose from four stain colors in two textures

It is easy to get the look you want with WoodShop. We currently offer four rich stain colors each in two different textures: smooth and circle-sawn.

That means you can get the clean lines and rich wood tones that pop with a smooth finish, the character-filled definition of rustic circle-sawn, or mix it up to have a combined look.

Mix and match your tops, bases, and hardware to get your desired look

When designing the piece, you and your customers simply choose the top color, the base color, and then choose your hardware. With these customizable options, every single item has more than 800 possible combinations!

Easy to order

We make it easy to order as well. With printable or emailable order forms, all you have to do is follow three to four simple steps and your custom order is on the way.

Download the beds order form here, the casegoods/nightstand order form here, or contact your account manager to help walk you through the process!

Complete bedroom offerings & more

With a complete assortment of casegoods ranging from 7-drawer dressers to 3-drawer chests, four nightstand options, and the Carriage House Bed to anchor a bedroom group, your customers will love the possibilities.

Furthermore, WoodShop currently also includes lounge chairs, loveseats, sofas and more all with hundreds of upholstery options for the gathering room with more to come!

See it at Las Vegas Market

Make sure you drop by our showroom (#347 in Building A) at Las Vegas Market January 26-30 to see WoodShop in action where we are offering market specials that will help you introduce this great new line of furniture. If you aren't going to market, again, make sure to contact your account manager for more information.