June 24, 2024

Cedar Logs: The Rustic Source

We began as a builder of only handcrafted cedar log furniture. Being based in Northern Minnesota where cedar is abundant, it was not only a logical choice but a sustainable and environmentally-friendly decision, but we were backed by hospitality, campground and resort owners as well as interior designers and retailers who loved and continue to love the collection. Part of why this collection is so loved comes from the source. Let’s explore where we harvest our cedar logs and how the process is important in providing high-quality cedar log furniture.

The cedar we harvest is Northern White Cedar. This species is native to Canada, the Northeast, and the Upper Midwest. It is in the Upper Midwest that we set up shop. Growing in a wide range of soils, cedar is robust and does not require constant attention and cultivation. We’re happy to let nature design and nurture our cedar logs. It’s at the source where beetle galleries, worm tracks, and knots provide the character our Cedar Log Collection is known for. Because it’s designed at the source, this makes each piece of cedar log furniture distinct from each other on the surface while sharing a common inner-cambium which provides a beautiful color contrast when stained.

As the largest manufacturer and supplier of wholesale rustic wood furniture across North America, we know people are looking for rustic cedar log furniture that does not hide its character. While some suppliers sand down or fill in these natural characteristics, Fireside Lodge Furniture Company is proud to keep its roots in the furniture tied to the woods and forests from which we source our cedar, so long as it does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture. We hand select and hand peel our cedar logs to ensure a high-quality product while keeping the natural design of our cedar.

Interested in learning more or ordering our cedar log furniture for your business? Contact us today, and we’ll gladly help you get the furniture you need.