May 22, 2023

5 Things That Make Our Barnwood Collection Special

One popular saying is “what is old is new again.” This couldn’t be truer than with our Barnwood Collection. Each piece of wholesale rustic barn wood furniture is a celebration of history and America. Need more reasons why this collection is special? Here’s a list of 5 things that make it one of the most unique and special collections we offer:

1. It’s Actual Barn Wood

Nothing beats the real thing. While some manufacturers try their hardest to take a soft wood like pine and manipulate it to look like barn wood, we collect actual barn wood from tobacco barns that were established in the Appalachian region of the United States in the 1800s. These barns used oak which was widely available at the time and is a hardwood which is stronger, more durable, and a higher quality compared to soft woods. The barn wood is hand inspected before being processed to boards and timbers to be used to make beautiful wood furniture.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Since we use actual barn wood that already existed, no trees had to be cut down and milled. This is especially important, as oaks typically take decades to grow to full size. Instead of throwing these pieces in a landfill or burning them down where they stand, each timber and plank is torn down and delivered to our production facility to be transformed into unmistakable pieces of furniture. As we’ll discover next, unlike other furniture that requires more stain to be stylized, little to no stain is used in our Barnwood Collection which makes this option even more environmentally friendly as some stains can contain VOC or volatile organic compounds which are common ground-water contaminants according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and are higher in pollutant levels.

3. Naturally Designed and Seasoned

Instead of relying on stains or paints, our barnwood is designed by nature and history. Nail holes, saw marks, checking, and natural patinas adorn this collection. If any stain is used, it’s where different parts meet like in on our Artisan style to maintain a consistent character and beauty that nature took time to create. Since it was exposed to the elements for over a century, barnwood does not have issues like warping which plagues other woods. This means this heirloom quality furniture will not drastically change from the first day it is placed on the floor.

4. Made by Skilled Craftspeople

Each piece in our Barnwood Collection has been personally touched, crafted, and inspected by skilled craftspeople. This is in contrast with some manufacturers that feed wood through a machine and rely solely on sensors and machines to produce and inspect furniture. We use proven building methods with the latest technology to create furniture across all our collections.

5. Available in Multiple Room Categories

Our Barnwood Collection is available in the following categories:

Whether you are a business owner selling a product, a lodging owner in the hospitality sector who provides unique accommodations, or an interior designer finding the perfect piece to complete a project, Fireside Lodge is a wholesale rustic furniture supplier that is dedicated in providing options that meet your needs.

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