October 5, 2023

Wooded River: An Overview of Our Sister Company

To cultivate relationships is one of the important tools used by businesses and their owners to grow and provide new services to their customers. We know this very well. Fireside Lodge Furniture Company has been fortunate to work with sister companies in our mission to provide our customers the best wholesale rustic furniture in the United States. Today, we will be looking at one of these sister companies in detail: Wooded River.

In 1998, while Fireside Lodge Furniture Company was becoming established, in the Treasure Valley region of Idaho, Wooded River was expanding its offerings from a clothing company to a handmade bedding company with a focus on the wholesale market.

In 2011, Wooded River became a sister company that would work in conjunction with Fireside Lodge. With the capabilities of manufacturing handcrafted top-of-bed, soft goods, and home décor that specialize in rustic, southwestern, and western themes, we knew they were a perfect fit in style for our beds. They also share our goal of improved sustainability and environmental stewardship with their signature Washable Wool Blends which are created from up to 90% recycled wool fibers. Nearly two-thirds of the bed ensembles Wooded River creates are made from up to 90% recycled fibers which keeps more textiles out of landfills (of which, 8 million tons go to landfills annually according to the EPA). They also make it their goal to increase their recycled and upcycled offerings every year.

Today, with Wooded River in the family, we have a partnership that benefits our customers looking not only for beds but bedding to match in several different styles. Whether you’re a cabin or resort owner, work in the hospitality sector, a store owner, or an interior designer, having multiple style options to choose from is essential as each has a specific set of requirements. Wooded River offers many bedding and top-of-bed products such as pillow shams, image pillows, décor pillows, throws, bed scarves, bed skirts, and bedspreads. They also offer drapery like valances and drapes to match. Despite moving away from clothing, they also offer ponchos and hooded throws. They even do custom projects if nothing else will do.

Learn more about Wooded River on their website, www.woodedriver.com, and click here for contact information if you would like to become a dealer.