October 2, 2023

3 Reasons Why Voyageur is Perfect for Campgrounds and Resorts

At Fireside Lodge, we are always innovating and forging our own path to provide the best products and experience to our customers. For resort and campground owners and operators, we know your guests and customers are looking for a unique experience with furniture to match. This is where our Voyageur collection comes in. Here are 3 reasons why our Voyageur Collection is perfect for resorts and campgrounds:

Made of Cedar

Our Voyageur Collection is made of high-quality northern white cedar that is responsibly sourced and sustainably maintained near our production facility in northern Minnesota. Each log is peeled by hand which preserves the natural beauty of the wood. Cedar is not only a rustic wood that is in lock step with the tradition of camping or celebrating nature, but it is also lightweight and naturally resistant to rot and decay which leads us to…

Outdoor Furniture

Cedar is a mainstay for outdoor furniture and for many good reasons. Being resistant to rot and decay makes our Voyageur collection the ideal option for being used in the great outdoors. Not only can you use it in all the usual rooms like bedrooms, dining rooms, gathering rooms, offices, and more, but our outdoor furniture collection comprises of pieces that are made for nights around the campfire and under the stars like Adirondack Chairs and Outdoor End Tables.

A Great Value

We understand providing a high-quality experience without breaking the bank is top of mind for every resort and campground owner. With our Voyageur collection, we offer the perfect blend of quality and economy that will maintain your bottom line without sacrificing a thing. We offer our items as either assembled and finished for your convenience or left natural and unassembled to allow a custom look and keep costs low.

Whether you need outdoor furniture, futons, bunks, or dining tables – all Voyageur pieces are handcrafted from northern white cedar with campgrounds and resorts in mind. Want to learn more? Contact us today, and a dedicated project manager will work with you to get the furniture to complete every space inside and out.