January 24, 2022

Rustic Look For Campgrounds: Barnwood Furniture

Something about the rustic look of Barnwood furniture seems to fit in perfectly with campgrounds. Maybe it's the natural, earthy wood tone or the weathered look that gives each piece a unique character. 

Rustic Barnwood furniture has become a popular choice for furnishing campgrounds due to its very durable material and resistance to all sorts of weather conditions. If you're looking for some new furniture for your campground, be sure to contact Fireside Lodge. We've got a substantial, durable, and environmentally friendly collection of rustic Barnwood furniture for campgrounds all over the country.


Substantial, Durable & Environmentally Friendly

Where others might see a pile of dirty old boards, our team of craftsmen sees endless designs and ideas for breathtaking bedroom furniture. Every piece of our furniture is unique and crafted from recycled, hand-selected oak timbers and planks from deconstructed 1800s tobacco barns. 

Our Barnwood furniture collection plays a big role in our commitment with mother nature to make environmentally responsible decisions while pleasing our customers with high-quality and 100% natural wood furniture.

Authentic Reclaimed Oak Furniture

You've probably heard the phrase "strong as an oak tree." This is because oak is one of the most resistant and durable types of wood out there. At Fireside Lodge, we give each piece of oak timber and plank 100 extra years of life with our wood preparation skills! 

Our team of talented, passionate, and experienced craftsmen knows exactly how to properly handle the material to not lose its strong and durable properties. The perfect choice if you want to avoid spending cash on renewals and repairs every couple of years!

High-Quality Furniture Only In One Place

Our Barnwood Collection is just one example of our quality craftsmanship; we use reclaimed wood to create durable pieces that will last generations without sacrificing environmental sustainability. Our bedroom pieces include:

Fireside Lodge is the perfect option for your bedroom decoration needs! We bet your guests will not stop talking about the amazing, rustic, and classy bedroom they booked with you on their online reviews. No more thinking about it! Let us take care of upgrading your rooms.