January 24, 2022

Handmade Rustic Woodshop Furniture Ideal For Resorts

What do you think is the first thing a person looks for while booking a hotel or resort? Of course, the bedroom! Your resort can have the best landscapes and activities, but no one will want to book with you if the bedroom doesn't look comfortable, nice, and clean.

When it comes to furnishing resorts and hotels, it's important to find stylish and durable pieces. That's where Fireside Lodge comes in! We create rustic woodshop furniture that is perfect for hospitality businesses. Our pieces are made from solid wood and feature intricate details, making them a standout option against other mass-produced furniture. 

So if you're looking for distinctive, high-quality wood furniture for your resort or hotel, be sure to check out our catalog!


Customizable & Unique Combinations

Every piece of furniture in our rustic woodshop furniture collection is completely customizable! You get to choose every detail without any extra charge. 

Feel free to customize your bedroom furniture and mix and match elements such as:

We've got 4 coordinated stain choices available in two textures and more than a dozen hardware choices. Each bedroom will be as unique as each guest with our distinctive bed frames, chairs, nightstands, tables, and more!

Get Long-Lasting & Unique Furniture In Just 3 Steps

With our woodshop furniture collection, you can get very creative. We know that every resort or hotel wants to have a distinctive seal. Why not get yours through your personalized and unique furniture selection?

Bring your ideas to us, and we'll make it happen in just 3 simple steps:

No ideas are too big or too crazy for us! We want you to love your final design because, thanks to its high-quality materials, it will be with you for a lifetime.

Highest Quality Rustic Furniture Out There!

Are you ready to bring your decoration ideas to life? We help you do it! 

Fireside Lodge has become the #1 choice of rustic woodshop furniture for resorts, hotels, and B&Bs all over the country thanks to combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with the latest technology and a team of experienced, passionate, and talented craftsmen.

Fireside Lodge can provide that look and more if you're looking for a rustic feel to your resort. Our furniture is made from the highest quality materials, and all our products are 100% customizable.

Let's start creating something truly unique from start to finish!