December 7, 2021

The Fireside Lodge Hickory Log Collection: Rediscover Our Connection With Nature

What is rustic? What does it mean to be rustic? It can have many interpretations, but one thing that's for sure is that being rustic means getting back to nature and a simpler time. That's why hickory log furniture has been so popular with those who want a more natural look in their homes for years.

The Fireside Lodge Hickory Log Collection mixes the rustic beauty of nature with contemporary designs to create beautiful, functional, and comfortable spaces. Whether you operate a retail store, a hospitality establishment, campground, resort, or run an interior design practice, with our wholesale rustic furniture, you can bring your customers back to a quieter time, where they have space to breathe and enjoy the simple things in life.

Keeping The Tradition Of Natural Hickory Furniture Alive

Rustic is all about natural materials, textures, and simplicity. That's why here at Fireside Lodge, we are proud to keep the tradition of natural hickory furniture alive. We use only winter cut logs, then let them sit until the moisture content is perfect.

We don't mass produce; our expert craftspeople craft one at a time using methods that have pretty much stayed the same way since 1998 that use modern technology and tried and true methods to create high quality bench-made wood furniture. This guarantees every piece is just right. These styles have been around for more than 100 years, and we plan to make sure they are around for at least another hundred.

What Makes Hickory Log A Mainstay Of American Rustic Furniture

Hickory furniture has a long history as a mainstay of American rustic furniture. Here are a few reasons:


When it comes to wood furniture, hickory is one of the toughest and densest hardwoods available. It's also extremely dense and stable, which means that you can be sure your furniture will stand up against time and use even in high-traffic areas like living rooms or family rooms.


If you want furniture that's meant to last, our Hickory Log Collection is the way to go. It gets stronger over time instead of weaker like other types of wood. This means it won't shrink or warp under pressure either so you can worry less about your furniture falling apart after a few years and can focus on enjoying this heirloom quality furniture.

Distinctive Bark Look

Hickory is a unique wood. It has a beautiful bark look that sets it apart from other woods and acts as an excellent backdrop to the rustic style of your home. The hickory tree bark has a rough, furrowed surface with vertical ridges and furrows running up the tree, which becomes darker as the tree matures. To keep this look, we kiln-dry hickory. This ensures the bark is permanently attached to the wood.

Color Variations

The beauty of hickory shines through every piece. Our hickory log furniture is a beautiful mix of the rustic charm of the natural wood and a range of color variations. To bring out its natural beauty even more, it’s available in additional stains.

Fireside Lodge: Your Best Choice For Furniture Built To Last

When you choose to furnish your space with Fireside Lodge Furniture Company, you're choosing a manufacturer that embraces the rustic tradition. Our rustic wood furniture is built for strength and durability to last decades. Across collections in our catalog, we offer our furniture in a wide range of styles and room groups. Tables, chairs, platform name it, we can make it!

To us, there's no better feeling than crafting furniture from natural materials and refined wood that is both beautiful and sustainable. With Fireside Lodge Furniture, it's never been easier to find a rustic style your customers will enjoy.

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