December 7, 2021

4 Reasons Hoteliers Need Fluid Communication With Their Furniture Supplier

Hospitality professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve the guest experience. Communication between a hotel and their furniture provider can be the difference between an aesthetically pleasing space that is also functional or one that leaves guests wanting more. Hoteliers need to work closely with their furniture suppliers to design their spaces to achieve this balance.

Here are 4 reasons why hoteliers need to have fluid communication with their furniture suppliers:

A Better Understanding Of Guest's Needs

When you work closely with your furniture provider on the design process, you will better understand what your guests want in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Without any support from a provider, the chances of choosing furniture that your guests find distracting or annoying starts to rise. By having regular contact with your furniture provider throughout this process, there will always be someone with years of experience who can help guide you through different options that might work better for your guests.

Improved Efficiency

We have all been there. You come up with a great furniture layout, and then you realize half of it is not going to fit.

By working closely with your supplier, you can resolve this problem before any issues arise at the hotel site. This will save time and money for everyone involved in the project as that room has become available for use much sooner.

Faster Changes

Sometimes, things happen that are out of everyone's control. The only way to resolve these issues is by having a solid relationship with your supplier and contacting them at any time regarding new updates on the room or space you have been working on. Being able to reach someone easily can help reduce the stress of the situation and ensure your hotel stays on schedule.

A More Cohesive Design

When hoteliers are in constant contact with their suppliers, it allows for a more integrated design. This is important because guests want an experience that is truly unique and memorable from start to finish when they stay at a hotel. If both parts are involved in designing each space, the design process will be seamless and cohesive.

Get The Help Of A Professional Project Manager With Fireside Lodge

Guest satisfaction is important to any business; however, this becomes a priority for hotels as they provide their guests with a place to stay for an extended period.

At Fireside Lodge, we understand how important it's for hoteliers to have their design requests met, which is why we give a dedicated project manager who will work with you on every step of the process.

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