December 7, 2021

Solid Wood Furniture: What Makes It Last For Generations

Rustic wood furniture is a great investment for any business or property. Not only can you find wood pieces in all shapes and sizes, but they are also built to last! Solid wood furniture, like the wholesale rustic furniture manufactured by Fireside Lodge Furniture Company, is made from actual lumber and not strands or fibers of the wood, making it incredibly durable and sturdy.

There are many benefits of solid wood furniture. Here are 5 characteristics that make investing in solid wood furniture worth it:


Solid wood furniture is composed of single pieces of wood, which makes it durable. Consider this: trees in the woods can live for hundreds of years! If crafted right, solid wood furniture can last for generations and is well worth it for its natural resistance to daily wear and tear. At Fireside Lodge, our rustic wholesale furniture is heirloom quality and is built to last with build methods that involve a combination of mortise-tenon joinery, glue, and screws or nails.


Solid wood furniture is carefully manufactured and considered high-quality. This is in part to the attention given to every detail for strength, appearance, and durability. Our wood furniture is bench made which means each piece is touched and inspected by skilled craftspeople.


Prices may vary according to size, design, and finish, but you can find incredible value with solid wood furniture. It's more expensive than other types of furnishing like pressboards or particleboard, but it's more durable which makes it worth the investment. A perfect example of this is in our casegoods. We include up to 14 extra support braces, something that is rarely implemented in rustic wood furniture. Some might call that over-manufactured, but we leave nothing to chance and make sure they are built to withstand the tests of life.


Since this furniture is often handmade, each piece is by nature unique. Solid wooden furnishings can be used in any design scheme, whether modern or rustic, contemporary, or traditional. We offer a variety of stain options to match existing décor or personal preferences. For a final unique touch on our casegoods, we offer multiple hardware options to complete your piece. Upholstery options are also available for some of our furniture like dining room chairs.


Rustic wood furniture is considered low maintenance. Dusting every time you do the regular cleaning and wiping it with a wood cleaner to maintain the piece's shine is enough. Harsh chemicals like bleach are not recommended, as they can remove finishes or wear them down along with stains overtime. Be sure to use a coaster if you put a drink on the floor; water rings are hard to remove!

Boost Your Value Proposition With High-Quality Rustic Furniture

Leaders in the hospitality industry, retailers, and interior designers know the importance of offering comfortable and functional products for their clients that create inviting and functional spaces. Furniture and décor play a huge role in any space. Fireside Lodge is here to help you create the unique experience your customers have come to expect, as we have done for hundreds of clients around the world.

We began in this industry in 1998 as a builder of handcrafted rustic cedar log furniture that supplied a regional market. Today, we have reached a wide range of products, like hickory log furniture, reclaimed barn wood furniture, and more!

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