December 7, 2021

Rustic Hickory Log Furniture: Why Resorts Love It

Our Hickory Log Collection is a beautiful rustic furniture option. Here are some reasons why resorts love hickory log furniture in their establishments:

Back To Nature

Hickory log furniture introduces nature back to any space since it involves natural materials, textures, and simplicity. Hickory wood furniture has long been a mainstay of American rustic furniture with its strength, durability, and distinctive bark. Straight out of the American South, we cut hickory in the winter when the sap is not running and use it to create unique rustic furniture. Guests can enjoy a quieter time and have a space to relax next to a fireplace curled up in one of our hickory log pieces.

Color and appearance

Hickory bark is generally gray that darkens as the tree matures. The wood's color can also be stained into any style or theme, making it perfect for any design scheme. We have four stain colors or natural. The beauty of hickory will shine through every piece.


Being durable is one of the most important aspects when purchasing wholesale furniture. Our hickory log furniture can last longer with minimal upkeep, therefore saving time and money on frequently replacing furniture. It also makes it more environmentally friendly. Since we kiln-dry hickory, the bark is permanently attached to the wood which makes it even more durable.


Not only is rustic hickory log furniture aesthetically pleasing, but it is also one of the hardest and densest wood species in the United States. This means that furniture made from hickory is very strong and durable and can hold up to heavy use. They can be expected to last for decades and even a lifetime. Very few manufacturers can boast of producing heirloom quality furniture, but Fireside Lodge Furniture Company provides just that!

Adds To An Unforgettable Experience In Every Space

Customers want to have unique experiences in every space inside and outside of your establishment, which is why it's important to have furniture that leaves a lasting impression. Our handcrafted Rustic Hickory Log Furniture offers the best rustic luxury with a gorgeous finish that stands out. We offer our Hickory Log Collection in the following room groups:

Fireside Lodge Furniture will help you offer a comfortable, inviting, and functional space for your guests, especially in rooms, the place where they can rest and recharge for the next day.

We can help you create the resort of your dreams!

We offer a limited warranty, attractive discounts for wholesale orders, and customer service that keeps you front of mind.

If you're looking for rustic furniture that will stand out in your resort, then Fireside Lodge is the way to go! We have been the largest manufacturer and wholesale provider of handcrafted rustic wood furniture in North America for over 25 years now and have been recognized by our customers for providing beautiful, heirloom-quality furniture that lasts for generations. We are passionate about providing handcrafted rustic wood furniture at its best to make your customers’ experience unforgettable.

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