April 30, 2019

Who Wins? Slat Roll vs. The Bunkie Board

When are they used? Which is better? And ultimately... who wins?

Though many people are unaware, one of the most epic battles of all time takes place beneath the mattresses of bunk beds worldwide: the Slat Roll vs. the Bunkie Board.

Let’s dive in and get to know which of these two great candidates takes the lead in the furniture industry.

Which Is Better? : Bunkie Board vs. Slats

At Fireside Lodge, a professional wholesale rustic furniture company, we devised a highly scientific set of criteria and put the two against one another to help determine the actual winner between these two great adversaries. Now let’s take a look at these metrics we discussed. 

There you have it... the bunkie comes out on top! Or is that bottom...

Eliminates the need for a box spring

 Because it is designed with built-in support, a platform bed does not require a box spring. This metric ties both the bunkie board and slat rolls as they’re solid foundations for mattresses.

Cheaper shipping

Slat rolls are more practical to ship as it takes much less space. So, in this case, slat rolls are a more cost-effective option as their shipping is much cheaper than bunkie boards.

Rather boring to utter

Last but not least, slat rolls are rather boring to utter compared to bunkie boards which are pretty fun to say.

Despite Our Findings 

Debunking our findings, bunkie boards come out on top! However, we know there is also room for the bunkie and roll to live harmoniously and become part of your daily sleeping period. That’s why professional wholesale rustic furniture companies such as Fireside Lodge offer both bunkie boards and slat rolls.

Bunkie Boards

Bunkies are standard on all of our Cedar Log, Hickory Log, Barnwood, and Frontier bunk beds for the top bunk alone and are made of cabinet-grade plywood. It not only eliminates the need for a box spring underneath the mattress, but it also provides the bed’s underside a complete appearance.

Slat Rolls

Slat rolls are constructed of 1x3 aspen slats held together by webbing strips. They’re standard on our Voyageur bunk beds’ top bunk, as well as the bottom and top bunks on our Voyageur Tipi bunk beds. This removes the requirement for box springs, allowing for additional headroom in applications with limited ceiling clearance.

A Wholesale Rustic Furniture Company That Has It All 

When it comes to making sure to notify your account manager whether you want an additional slat roll or bunkie board for the bottom bunk when you place your bunk bed purchase. At Fireside Lodge, we have all it takes to deliver and assist you with the best when it comes to wholesale rustic furniture. Contact us today and let a dedicated project manager assist you!