December 5, 2018

Equip your sales force with knowledge!

Equip your sales force with knowledge to close that deal.

Does something like this ever happen to you?

You've been working with a customer for over an hour now and they are still hemming and hawing over a reclaimed barnwood bedroom group.

"I've seen something like this online for less money," they say finally as the energy leaves the conversation. "We'll think about it," they finish as they walk out the door.

What went wrong?

When we break down the reason for lost sales, there can be a myriad of factors that are beyond our control... or are they? 

Not all of them.

Comparison shopping will always happen, but knowing what to compare will help that buyer make the best decision. Knowing the product and what differentiates it from a "something like this" scenario can be all the ammunition your sales force needs to close that sale.

Meet your Encyclopedia Firesidica...

Our Field Guide & Standards, a free e-publication, will get you and your sales staff up to speed on all the differentiating points of Fireside Lodge furniture. 

With information ranging from our choice in raw materials, to differences in wood species, to advanced construction methods, this handy guide will provide readily-available answers to help you close sales.

Not just for selling

Along with all those great sell points, the Field Guide & Standards can help answer customer questions in regards to cosmetic standards, like:

We are excited to provide you with this great tool and know you will find it useful!

Contact your account manager today to receive a free copy for download!