September 30, 2021

The Interior Designer’s Ultimate Guide To Decorate Wealthy Homes For Thanksgiving: 3 Tips

There's no better time to decorate than the Thanksgiving holiday season! It's a joyous and exciting time, which is why it can be difficult for interior designers to find a style that suits their client’s needs and desires. Do you want a beautiful, elegant Thanksgiving decoration that will impress your clients? Consider the following 3 tips to make your client’s space look its best for the holiday!

Consider Personal Preferences

Homeowner's age and what they like to do in their free time is critical information when designing a space. From concepts like color theory to even texture, knowing the likes, dislikes, and general lifestyle of your client will help you to help them and will lead to more satisfaction with your work!

If you use traditional colors in the interior design, consider using reds, whites, browns, and golds. These color schemes allow people who visit your client’s home to feel at ease.

Think Outside Of The Box When It Comes To Decorations 

Recommend your client to purchase decorations from high-end stores like Williams Sonoma or Pottery Barn to make the home space look more expensive than it really is.

When you have the items, use common themes like pumpkins, cornucopias, and feathers this year, and take those designs in an unexpected direction, like incorporating them into the table settings with modern high-end plates and silverware. 

You could even go so far as creating Champagne Glass centerpieces or other additions on the tables that will bring in the autumn colors and pumpkin spices of fall!

Indulge In A Little Bit Of Rustic Life

If you want to be traditional, that's great! But maybe find some unique rugs, rustic wood furniture, or pillows that fit your idea of a holiday theme. Log furniture such as chairs and tables from high-end wholesale suppliers, such as Fireside Lodge, cab create a cozy atmosphere to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones.

Guests will be impressed by these luxurious log pieces, and everyone will know your client's home is the most luxurious place in town for Thanksgiving dinner even if they only get a taste of it while passing by.

If You're Going Rustic, Choose Fireside Lodge

Fireside Lodge is the best company for wholesale rustic furniture in the United States. We can fulfill all your client’s home décor needs with our high-quality product lines, including tables, chairs, and bar stools.

Over decades, our experts have worked hard in creating cozy atmospheres that you can recreate at your client’s home this year. Looking for something more unique and luxurious? We’re that company. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to assist you.