October 27, 2021

Custom Rustic Furniture Works for Resorts

When it comes to wholesale rustic furniture, we have the highest quality furniture to enhance your resort spaces. Most resorts, for example, provide a cozy, woody, and rustic, welcoming environment that makes guests feel at ease during their stay and experience.

Our furniture is custom-made and handcrafted with the highest quality hand-picked materials. At Fireside Lodge, we combine old-world techniques with cutting-edge technology to build our superior resort furniture. Contact us to see what we have stored for your resort, and let's begin to provide a boosted inviting experience for your guests.

Our Top Of The Line Resort Furniture

At Fireside Lodge, we take pride in helping campgrounds and resorts in providing an amazing experience to their customers with our top-of-the-line furniture. We offer wholesale rustic furniture and custom-built rustic furniture to achieve that interior design look you've always dreamed of in your spaces.

Our wood furniture comes with multiple benefits for you and your resort. Some of these benefits:

Superior Durability

Our rustic wood furniture is long-lasting thanks to the quality of our raw materials. Mother nature provides us with our wood. We can make everything we provide durable with the aid of our skilled artisans. With the pieces featured in our catalog, you won't have to worry about your rustic wood furniture because our goods are built to withstand life’s mishaps with tried and true construction methods.


The furnishings we offer have a natural personality like in our Cedar Log Collection. You have the option of customizing your furniture with us. Whether you require a minor adjustment to one of our design options or something even more unique, we can help and meet your requirements.


Every piece we create is one-of-a-kind. By being bench-made, we add value and originality to our furniture which sets us apart from other wholesale rustic furniture suppliers that rely on impersonal assembly lines and machines.

Multiple Options

We offer several options across our collections. In our catalog, there are thousands of combinations across different wood types, styles, stains, and hardware. Our WoodShop Collection, for example, is known for its versatility.

Why Fireside Lodge

We recognize some rustic furniture wholesalers provide the same wood styles such as cedar and hickory. When it comes to Fireside Lodge, however, we have several unique features that set us apart from the competition along with a limited warranty. We also offer:

The Best Resort

If you're looking to enhance and boost your customer's resort experience, then think Fireside Lodge. We are the largest wholesale rustic wood furniture supplier and manufacturer in North America who can help you achieve that desired look of elegance and comfort. Contact us today and look at our rustic furniture collection and our previous custom-built pieces.