Cedar 30" Vanity



Cedar 30" Vanity
Item Item # Dimensions
30" Vanity w/o Top, Sink Center 33010 30"W x 21"D x 32.25"H
30" Vanity w/Slab Top, Sink Center 33011 30"W x 21"D x 33"H
  • Dovetailed doors and drawers are inset for added beauty and quality.
  • Full-extension ball-bearing guides rated at 100 pounds.
  • Clear-coat catalyzed lacquer finish for extra durability.
  • Northern White Cedar logs are hand peeled to accentuate their natural character and beauty.
  • Individually hand crafted.
  • As part of the vanity pricing, we will customize the top and vanity to ensure that you have the proper trim for installing your vanity, i.e.inside corner logs for adjoining walls and outside corner logs for freestanding portions (excludes Open Vanity)
  • For vanities with tops, we provide backsplash for all sides of the vanity that will adjoin a wall.
  • It is the Homeowner or Plumbers responsibility to cut the sink and faucet holes to the appropriate sizes. This ensures a perfect fit for the fixture you choose. Be sure to seal edges of any cuts for sink/faucets/drain, etc. on the liquid glass.
  • Cedar slab style tops come standard with liquid glass finish for durability and moisture resistance.
  • Custom dimensions and layouts available for non-standard sizes.
  • Available in 36" height for a small upcharge.
  • Dimensions are listed for the cabinet only, not the top or corner trim. There is approximately a 1.5" overhang on all sides that do not sit up against a wall.


Cedar Log Case Pieces


Cedar Linen Cabinet
Linen Cabinet
Cedar Toilet Topper Cabinet
Toilet Topper Cabinet
Cedar Medicine Cabinet
Medicine Cabinet
Cedar Inset Medicine Cabinet
Inset Medicine Cabinet
Item Item # Hinged Dimensions
Linen Cabinet - 2 Single Doors 33921-HL Left 18"W x 25"D x 78"H
  33921-HR Right 18"W x 25"D x 78"H
  33922-HL Left 24"W x 25"D x 78"H
  33922-HR Right 24"W x 25"D x 78"H
Linen Cabinet - 2 Double Doors 33923 Both 30"W x 25"D x 78"H
Toilet Topper Cabinet 33911   32"W x 8"D x 36"H
Medicine Cabinet - Medium 33901-HL Left 27"W x 7"D x 32"H
  33901-HR Right 27"W x 7"D x 32"H
Medicine Cabinet - Large 33902-HL Left 33"W x 7"D x 32"H
  33902-HR Right  33"W x 7"D x 32"H
Inset Medicine Cabinet 33903-HL Left 18"W x 5"D x 22"H
  33903-HR Right 18"W x 5"D x 22"H


Cedar Half-Log Mirror
Half-Log Mirror
Cedar Mitered Corner Mirror
Mitered Corner Mirror

Item Traditional Cedar Item # Vintage Cedar Item #   Dimensions
Half-Log Mirror 12900  12900-VC   Custom
  12901  12901-VC   32"W x 36"H
  12902  12902-VC   36"W x 36"H
  12903  12903-VC   48"W x 36"H
Mitered Corner Mirror 12909  12909-VC   Custom
  12910  12910-VC   32"W x 36"H
  12911  12911-VC   36"W x 36"H
  12912  12912-VC   48"W x 36"H


Cedar Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder with Rod
  Wall Mounted Toilet
Paper Holder with Rod
Cedar Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder with Spring
Wall Mounted Toilet
Paper Holder with Spring
Cedar Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder
Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder
Cedar Towel Bar
Towel Bar
Cedar Single Coat Hook
Single Coat Hook
Item   Item # Dimensions
Cedar Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder with Rod   19040 10"W x 5"D
Cedar Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder with Spring   19041 10"W x 5"D
Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder   19050 29"H
Towel Bar   19120 24"W
    19130 36"W
    19140 48"W
Single Coat Hook   19186 9"H


Cedar Wall  Coat Rack
Wall Coat Rack
Cedar Small Stool
Small Stool
Item Item # Pegs Dimensions
Wall Coat Rack 19150 4 24"W
  19160 6 36"W
  19170 8 48"W
Small Stool 19250   15"H


Available Color Options

Traditional Cedar