Barnwood Bunk Bed

 (Shown with Queen/Single Ladder Right) All headboards are 71" high.


Barnwood Bunk Bed
Item Item # Dimensions
Single/Single Bed (Ladder Left) B10120 44"W x 85"L
Single/Single Bed (Ladder Right) B10121 44"W x 85"L
Double/Single Bed (Ladder Left) B10130 59"W x 85"L
Double/Single Bed (Ladder Right) B10131 59"W x 85"L
Queen/Single Bed (Ladder Left) B10140 65"W x 90"L
Queen/Single Bed (Ladder Right) B10141 65"W x 90"L
Double/Double Bed (Ladder Left) B10142 60"W x 85"L
Double/Double Bed (Ladder Right) B10143 60"W x 85"L
Queen/Queen Bed (Ladder Left) B10148 66"W x 90"L
Queen/Queen Bed (Ladder Right) B10149 66"W x 90"L
  • Built-in ladder on the footboard.
  • Double and Queen bunkbeds come standard with a center support.
  • 43" from the top of the lower bed rail slats to the bottom of the upper bunk bed rail.
  • Follow instructions carefully when assembling a new bunk bed.
  • Allow only 6 years or older to sleep on the top bunk.
  • Use only properly sized, manufacturer-recommended mattresses no higher than 10" on upper bunk.
  • Discuss safety concerns/proper usage of bunk beds with your children.
  • Indicate where you would like the placement of the built-in footboard ladder on the left or right side (when facing the footboard).
  • Bunkie Boards come standard on upper bunk and are available in lieu of a box spring for additional head room on the lower bunk for an additional cost.
  • These beds have been tested by an Independent laboratory and are in compliance with ASTM F-1427 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds and the Government Code of Federal Regulations 1213 and 1513.

Barnwood Case Pieces


Barnwood Open Nightstand with Shelf
  Open Nightstand with Shelf
Barnwood One Drawer Nightstand
One Drawer Nightstand
Barnwood Three Drawer Nightstand
Three Drawer Nightstand
Barnwood XL Three Drawer Nightstand
XL Three Drawer Nightstand
Barnwood Enclosed Nightstand
Enclosed Nightstand
Item Hickory Leg Item # Barnwood Leg Item # Dimensions
Open Nightstand with Shelf    B11010 18"W x 21"D x 27"H
One Drawer Nightstand B11020-H  B11020-B 20"W x 20"D x 27"H
One Drawer Nightstand w/Shelf    B11021-B 20"W x 20"D x 27"H
Three Drawer Nightstand B11030-H  B11030-B 20"W x 20"D x 27"H
XL Three Drawer Nightstand B11050-H  B11050-B 28"W x 20"D x 30"H
Enclosed Nightstand B11040-H  B11040-B 20"W x 20"D x 27"H


Barnwood Three Drawer Chest
Three Drawer Chest
Barnwood Four Drawer Chest
Four Drawer Chest
Barnwood Five Drawer Chest
Five Drawer Chest
Barnwood Six Drawer Dresser
Six Drawer Dresser
Item Hickory Leg Item # Barnwood Leg Item # Dimensions
Three Drawer Chest B12010-H-P B12010-B-P 35"W x 21"D x 35"H
  B12010-H-V B12010-B-V 35"W x 18"D x 35"H
Four Drawer Chest B12020-H-P B12020-B-P 35"W x 21"D x 45"H
  B12020-H-V B12020-B-V 35"W x 18"D x 45"H
Five Drawer Chest B12030-H-P B12030-B-P 35"W x 21"D x 55"H
  B12030-H-V B12030-B-V 35"W x 18"D x 55"H
Six Drawer Dresser B12040-H-P B12040-B-P 59"W x 21"D x 35"H
  B12040-H-V B12040-B-V 59"W x 18"D x 35"H


Barnwood Seven Drawer Dresser
Seven Drawer Dresser
Barnwood Four Drawer Low Boy
Four Drawer Low Boy
Barnwood Storage Chest
Storage Chest
Barnwood Two Drawer Wardrobe
Two Drawer Wardrobe
Barnwood Three Drawer Armoire
Three Drawer Armoire
Item Hickory Leg Item # Barnwood Leg Item # Dimensions
Seven Drawer Dresser B12050-H-P B12050-B-P 59"W x 21"D x 35"H
  B12050-H-V B12050-B-V 59"W x 18"D x 35"H
Four Drawer Low Boy B12025-H-P B12025-B-P 42"W x 21"D x 36"H
  B12025-H-V B12025-B-V 42"W x 18"D x 36"H
Storage Chest B12035-H-P B12035-B-P 24"W x 21"D x 54"H
  B12035-H-V B12035-B-V 24"W x 18"D x 54"H
Two Drawer Wardrobe B12100-P B12101-P 44"W x 26"D x 72"H
  B12100-V B12101-V 44"W x 26"D x 72"H
Three Drawer Armoire B12090-H-P B12090-B-P 38"W x 22"D x 72"H
  B12090-H-V B12090-B-V 38"W x 22"D x 72"H


Barnwood Blanket Chest
Blanket Chest
Barnwood Mirror
Barnwood Full Length Mirror
Full Length Mirror
Barnwood Crockett Mirror
Crockett Mirror
Item Hickory Leg Item # Barnwood Leg Item # Dimensions
Blanket Chest B12200 B12201 42"W x 20"D x 18"H
Mirror   B12900 Custom
    B12901 32"W x 36"H
    B12902 36"W x 36"H
    B12903 48"W x 36"H
Full Length Mirror   B12910 36"W x 84"H
Crockett Mirror   B12920 Custom
    B12921 32"W x 36"H
    B12922 36"W x 36"H
    B12923 48"W x 36"H